Do you feel stressed and tense? Sometimes in our lives we feel out of balance, and want to get back on track in order to perform the best we can. Inbody is an approach that works on a mind-body emphasis in order to achieve your personal and professional well being, trigger your resources and spark up your motivation.

I work with techniques such as somatic coaching, NLP and breathing techniques in order to attend work-life-balance, anxiety and stress prevention, personal growth in order for you to recover and maintain your health and wellbeing.

I offer 3 approaches: Coaching, Bodywork and Massages.

Are you tense in your shoulders, or in your lower back? Do you suffer from headaches or are you moody at times without knowing why?!
After several years of working as a bodyworker and coach I help you to get back in touch with your body and to use your present resources to find your unique way to heal yourself.

Dive into the world of integral healing: your body, your mind & your spirit need equal attention!

Your body can release blockages, tensions and emotions via personally designed massages that liberate the flow of energy.

Coaching helps you to establish objectives and clear your mind, in order to create the change you really need in your life right now. Live your life more fulfilled! Follow your dreams! Get things done! Help yourself to understand the power of your own mind and soul!

Bodywork: breaching the gap between the body and the mind! Massage, Coaching and NLP in on single session. Learn what lies behind tensions, headaches, digestive problems (IBS), Brusxism and fatigue! Boost your energy, liberate tensions and breathe fully into deep relaxation.

English speaking, German and Spanish speaking.