From a purely cognitive perspective, it’s true to some extent that the glasses we wear tint the world we see. Depending on your mood, your wellbeing, you will experience certain people, recurrent issues and social environments a certain way. However, the way you experience the world can be altered. It’s not a fixed part of you. You can change your mindset.

The way you perceive the world, is the way you will experience it.

Whether you work every day to make a living, make a change or to contribute to society; relationships at work can be challenging, conflicts arise and frankly, it can even go as far as not wanting to show up at work at all. Just to avoid the negative vibes. 

This is why we want you to learn how you can change your MINDSET. From a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset. 


“Becoming is better than being.”

Dr Carol S. Dweck

There’s an excellent book out there by Dr Carol Dweck with the same name. If you haven’t read it yet, maybe you would like to watch her TED video first and try our Worksheet with simple exercises on how to change your mindset.

**Quick peek into our WORKSHEET**


Putting it into practice

_Quickies 5min

Whenever you encounter an obstacle or a problem, what is your response? If you find that you are easily put off challenges, then it’s time to change your mindset.

Let’s try a few linguistic exercises:

Every time you tell yourself “I am not good at XYZ.“,

tweak it to:

 “I am not good at XYZ, YET.”

 This allows for a window of growth. A possibility of change.

Take it further and deepen the learning by doing the exercises suggested on our worksheet related to changing your mindset, here.



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