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Avoiding mistakes at work and in life is probably our highest “unconscious” goal. Yet, it’s almost impossible. In a culture of fear, mistakes are punished. This, in turn, means, that the individual will do what s/he can to avoid mistakes, and cover them up if necessary.

“Fear is the enemy of hope.”

Fear does not allow growth and diminishes responsibility and autonomy.

As you may know (and covered in previous Blogs + worksheets), the way the person identifies and feels at work serves a direct measurement of the productivity and engagement. Time and again you will have heard that it’s about responsibility, autonomy and belonging that will create workplace engagement.

But what about the leaders?

Dave Ramsey offers a great stance in regard to the attitude of leaders that will foster a great workplace environment and inspire their teams.



The EntreLeader in an excellent work culture:

  • Passionately serving
  • Maverick with integrity
  • Disciplined Risk.Takers
  • Courageous Humble
  • Motivated Visionary
  • Influential Learners

“Without a mission statement, you may get to the top of the ladder and then realize it was leaning against the wrong building!”

Dave Ramsey

We recommend reading Dave Ramsey’s book called EntreLeadership. If you haven’t read it yet, maybe you would like to watch the Callibrain Video for a quick intro first and try our Worksheet with simple exercises on how to create a better work culture in your organization.  

**Quick peek into our WORKSHEET**


Putting it into practice

_Quickies 5min

Give an “I have a Dream Speech!”

Share Your Dream!

The reason you are a leader of your company or manager of a team is that you’re very good at staying connected to results and your organization’s vision. A vision, however, starts with a dream. A dream means hope.

What is your dream exactly?

Once you know exactly how you connect on a personal level, you can connect this to a Vision: this is the ability to see ahead and create a path to turn that dream into reality.

Remind yourself of the following key concepts and share these with your team and coworkers at the next lunch! No need to go all serious about either:

  • Share a dream
  • Draw your Vision  
  • Phrase the Mission Statement


  • Revise your Goals on this basis

_Take it further!

…take it further and deepen the learning by doing the exercises suggested on our worksheet related to creating employee engagement, here.



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